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Mallkini Farm – Breeding the Finest Peruvian Alpacas in the Alpaca heartland of Peru

When talking about Alpaca, first name that comes to everyone’s mind is the name of Michell. That is not coincidence; it is due to the fact that Michell Group is the pioneer and leading Alpaca manufacturer and trader of Alpaca products in Peru. Fully integrated from breeding to retail of Alpaca clothing, the Michell Group has the passion of transforming this noble fibre into luxurious Alpaca products since 1931.

Quality has always been a major concern for the Michell Group. Thus it was vital to start a programme of improving the fibre quality as well as increasing the Alpaca population in the Peruvian Andes. Thus, its efforts started back in the early 1980’s in the highlands and today the Mallkini Farm is playing a key role in improving the Alpaca herds in Puno, which is the largest Alpaca breeding region in Peru.

During the 80’s the Michell Group was the first company to initiate private Alpaca farming activities in the Puno region. Its efforts started in Nunoa, establishing the Mamaniri Farm back in 1982. The aim was to improve Alpacas through breeding practices and to educate small farmers, who own the majority of the animals throughout the Alpaca-rich Puno District. The plan got off to a good start, but was suddenly and violently interrupted by the shining path terrorists who disrupted most businesses throughout the region, making the ranch unsafe for its employees.

When terrorism subsided back in 1995, The Michell Group committed itself once again to a model-breeding programme in the Puno District, establishing the Mallkini Farm, which is today the largest privately owned Alpaca operation in the Peruvian Highland.

Mallkini Farm is a place to carry out programmes aimed to obtain improvement on the Alpaca Breeding and Genetics, but it also has a guest house ideal for those wanting to visit and experience the life in the Highlands without sacrificing comfort.

Mallkini’s breeding project is focused on the following programmes:

–          Alpaca Selection Programmes aiming to select the best breeds based on the criteria of fibre fineness and density, and morphological conformation of the animals, mainly white and colour Alpaca.

–          Breeding programmes strictly conducted by pen breeding system, which has already allowed us to develop a pedigree registration book.

–          Nutrition and Reproduction Programmes by improving natural grasslands.

–          Support and assistance the local Alpaca breeders and their families.


On the Genetics side, Mallkini is conducting research programmes working along with private Peruvian and International Universities as well as with the Peruvian Department of Agriculture, in the following topics:

– Development of reproductive techniques such as embryo transfers and production of ovocytes.

-Estimation of the genetic quantitative parameters (heir, repetition and genetic correlations) in the production of fibre.

-Study of the genotype relation Alpaca habitat in the Andean world.

-Study of the relation of vegetal biodiversity and Alpaca breeding

Mallkini farm also welcomes those looking for a place to visit, learn and improve their knowledge in Alpaca Breeding without sacrificing the comfort.  Mallkini opens its facilities to attend to tailor made workshops and seminars on Alpaca Breeding Techniques and Alpaca Management. Visitors have full access to our guest house and attend the educational programmes in specially equipped classroom and do their practices work on the field at our facilities in Sorani.

Mallkini Farm  also  invites visitors to experiences the ultimate in-depth Alpaca and Adventure Farm, where you will not only be able to see how the Alpaca live,  but will also be able to discover the Andean people and landscapes and have the chance to practice outdoor sports.

Mallkini has a different way of revealing the wonderland of the Peruvian Sierra. A Warm and safe accommodation welcomes nature lovers, eager to have the experience of a life time at an Alpaca farmJMM_1269.

The unique landscapes found in this region, plus the chance to practice outdoors activities – like llama trekking, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and camping – makes Mallkini a perfect backdrop to an adventure so unique that it will be difficult to forget. You can see the unspoiled magic of the Andes – traditional villages, mountains, springs, lagoons, waterfalls and variety of flora and fauna. At Mallikini we are making efforts to preserve nature and enrich it.  Over 4,000 eucalyptus and native trees have been planted on the hills in front of the guest house to enhance the flora and fauna of the area

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2 responses

  1. I was blessed a few years ago to travel to Peru and visit with Raul and stay at Milkini. It is a magical place with unbelievable beauty and fabulous people. I learned so much. I highly recommend a stay it visit there while in Peru. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

    February 13, 2013 at 12:44 pm

  2. It looks amazing! I would love to visit but unfortunately cannot. Great to hear about the place though.

    February 14, 2013 at 9:56 pm

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